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GWH 1/48 MiG29SMT with aftermarket

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Hello everyone 


Here is my gwh MiG29SMT finished after 3 months. 

Aftermarket used was a resin metallic details K36DM ejection seat , metallic details exhausts , Quinta 3D cockpit , reskit wheels , mini world metal pitot tube and begemot stencils. I also cut out the thick plastic static dischargers and replaced them with the much more accurate MiG master model ones made of metal.


I used maketar masks to airbrush the red star insiginias and added some lead wiring for the landing gear.

The camo was painted using the MRP MiG29SMT colours and the metallic regions were alclad.


I made some mistakes  but in the end it looks like a smt.


Thanks for looking and regards from India.


44583A43-C614-42E1-BCEC-037C5DE87EF3.thumb.jpeg.7cd2c7cf9f129e54b86161bd81d93c65.jpeg781D16C3-8D6F-4C7D-9B3C-3DAC36AA44D9.thumb.jpeg.98f94e2c5293c42cdfebba8deddced4f.jpeg 42837822-AA90-415B-859A-423E5C680580.thumb.jpeg.ce9e761838cc3144761ebd62f8b5aed9.jpegC4FA69EE-1105-406F-A4AB-E79E47DC4C8F.thumb.jpeg.cb7235dbbca162a58047947756017fd2.jpeg7DF34BDD-BC2A-4D09-B14A-D5ECD89668D3.thumb.jpeg.8cbf3ae12172fb7d5413e36b16ed1d9b.jpeg








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