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1/48 CT-114 Tutor

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Here is my latest completion. Hobby Crafts 1/48 Tutor with some of Uncle Bills Resin pieces added. I used Tamiya paint and the kit decals were actually Very good. Not the easiest kit and I had to walk away from it for for awhile but in the end I'm happy to have it on the shelf with my other Canadian subjects. Cheers





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Nice clean work.    Between yours and my Tutor post, it is interesting to see the relative strengths and weaknesses of both the HobbyCraft and Belcher Bits kits.   I have yet to build a HC version, having built two Belcher examples.


Cheers, Tony

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       Years ago I saw the Belchers kit  at BC Shavers in Victoria just before HC released their kit but haven't seen another one in a looong time since. Both kits are long gone now but who knows maybe another manufacturer will take the plunge and do an up to date 48th Tutor. Cheers Ray

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Great work,



Have this kit also with the Uncle Bills upgrade set. Like I said I hope someone makes a 3D kit.


Nice to see Builds that are not snowbird...... not that I dislike snowbirds.




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Thanks Emil

            Your lucky to have that Uncle Bill's set, it really makes a difference especially the nose clear piece, it is a much superior shape.  I'd like to see a new Tutor from another company for sure.  I've got the CF-105 with the North Star Resin and Master Casters stuff so that will keep me busy enough before another Tutor comes along. Cheers Ray

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