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Modern B-52H Landing Gear Bay Colors?

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Simple question, what color are the main landing bays and the wintip bays on a modern B-52H.  Things I am sure I know from pictures are that the struts of the MLG and wintip wheels are white, and the inner main gear doors are white.  I would therefore assume the main bays are white, but can't find any walkaround shots to be clear.  And the inner door and bays of the wingtip wheels appears a zinc chromate type green to me.


Thank you for any assistance!

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From actually looking up into the wheel bay of a Barksdale AFB based B-52H about 6 years ago, I would say they are white and they where a very weathered white due to the combined effects from oil residue, dust/dirt, precipitation, and maintenance.


Others may know more or have reference photos.


Steve Sliger

Greenwell Springs, LA

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Ever since Paul Boyer suggested FS 16473 for the MLG wells & doors in his FSM article, I've gone with that and I think it lines up with the photos & first hand observation.


I think this photo shows the contrast between the white strut and the surrounding gray paint in the aft bay:


The inside of a wheel well on a B-52 - Imgur


And the white paint on the component behind the airman's head really contrasts with everything else:


2nd MXS Airmen inspect and repair B-52 (af.mil)


Note also that the MLG structure is a mixture of gray, white, and what appears to be natural steel. 


As Steve mentioned and the photos show, heavy weathering is appropriate.


I'd go with yellow zinc chromate for the tip gear well & doors.





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6 hours ago, Gator52 said:

Yes, your article on building the Memphis Belle IV from the AMT/ERTL H-model in the December '02 issue.  I still reference it from time to time!



Wow! Hard to believe that was 19 years ago. I ended up selling that model maybe 12 years ago and replaced it with the Modelcollect kit - not an improvement I'm afraid.

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