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Solido Cougar Renault 14; so ugly it's cute (?)

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Sometimes the things I like are just so esoteric and awful that there simply isn’t a kit of a particular subject. I know, it seems weird, but it’s true. However, sometimes I get lucky, and there will be a pre-built replica of the object of my desire/dismay! This is most true when it comes to cars, and particularly European cars!


One perfect example of an unsurprisingly unkitted subject is the Renault 14. While Renault has made a lot of successful (in Europe, at least) cars, the pear-like 14 is not one of them. It’s ugly, weird and shockingly corpulent in the wrong places. Thankfully, French die-cast maker Solido did it’s patriotic best to bring this loser to life, and my version the Solido Cougar version, is the weird dime-store el-cheapo version.


Check out this almost Christmas-coloured abomination of automotive styling quality control at the link below. Just think; now you have something to ask Santa for! You’re welcome!





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