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rear guns on TBD and SBD-3 at Battle of Midway

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researching what I need for a Midway SBD-3.  Having built the Accurate Miniatures SBD-2, I've set my mind on using the Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 kit for a Midway plane.


So a few things I've noticed about the flexible rear gun from various pictures, someone can correct me if I'm wrong 

  • no armor plating on the guns
  • no small sliding doors on the side of the fuselage to help stow the gun
  • ammo cans on the side of the guns, not the single large ammunition container


Given that, any .30 dual gun available in kit form will need to be modified still?


secondly,  Since SBD rear guns were like this, I assume the VT-6 and VT-8 TBD's had the same rear gun configuration?  .. so that would mean Great TBD instructions aren't accurate with the gun set up?

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On 12/9/2021 at 10:00 AM, fasteagle12 said:


Here's a recent restoration at our local Air Zoo...there is a video where you can make out a single rear gun..

interesting article, thanks for sharing


kind of answering my own question, saw these screen captures of VT-8 at Midway, can see the ammo cans on the side of the rear .30 guns.  

T13.png (2376×1558) (midway42.org)


I think it's fair to say the GWH guns aren't done properly.  Too bad no one seems to do a correct 1:48 early dual .30 rear guns.

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For some 15-20 years now every time a resin caster goes on one of these groups and asks what we'd all like to see him do I express the need for this twin .30 set. Someone nibbled once. Beyond that all suggestions have fallen on deaf ears 😒

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I see Eduard made a resin twin .30 for their boxing of the SBD-5 kit, surely it can't be that much effort for them to make an early version of the twin .30.  ... me being hopeful.  I might have to build one together.


Great Wall Hobby easily could have done with their TBD Midway boxing if they had done their research.  Their single .30 in the Wake Island boxing looks right with the proper ammo box and holder attached to the side of the gun.


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