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Esci / Revell 1/72 F - 100D Super Sabre

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Hi Everyone,

Here is my latest effort for your inspection. It is a combination of an Esci kit with landing gear from the Revell version, as that had better details .  The model depicts an F - 100D of the 493rd. TFS, 48th. TFW based at Lakenheath in the early 70 's. Brush  painted with  Humbrol paints, apart from the aluminium. which is Xtracolor. with a final spray with Matt Cote.

I used the technique of painting round the edge of each colour with a fine brush and a 50 / 50 mix of the adjacent colours to achieve the slightly feathered overspray of the real airplane, as my airbrush is only a basic  one, but I think the effect works in that scale.

All comments ( good or bad ! ) welcome.






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I gotta say, the painting technique works pretty nice. On green/green border I feel it looks pretty convincing. I also love how smooth Your brush painting is. I really like the red turbine stripe. Looks pretty cool too.

I love the Esci Hun. A basic but somehow very nice kit. I do hate the fit of the nose on these kits though. And I feel the dual seater fits even worse than single seater.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys . I usually mix my paints 50 / 50 with thinners, and give a slight rub down between coats, and this helps to remove any brush marks. The final matt, gloss or satin finish is sprayed on with my trusty Badger 200. I don't use acrylics ( I tried once and spent an hour cleaning out the gunge that had formed inside ! ) I do use a spray coat if it's one colour, or an aluminium finish required, and that system has worked well for me over the years. 🙂.

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