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1/144 Academy Jaguar built and finished in Winter Camo

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The original kit was likely a GR 1 variant operating in Operation Granby given the decals provided and the recommended colour scheme of desert pink. This was my second built of a 1/144 Jaguar quite a number of years ago. I did a search and came across a 54 SQN Jaguar GR3 XX 720 that carried a winter camo scheme during a Norway detachment some time in 2004 and so set upon building it as such.


As usual, had to cut out the cockpit to add in a simple scratch-built IP, pilot and seat. Sanded down the canopy for a better fit and buffing down with fine grid sanding stick before dipping into a coat of Future. Needless to say, significant amount of filling and sanding down was required for a reasonably nice finish. Improvised a camera lens at the nose and replace the pitot with a metal pin sanded down to fit.


Scratch-built the over wing pylons and AIM-9 missiles. Added the drop tanks too. Added the new UHF antenna behind the canopy and the probes near the nose. I could not identify the type of armaments that came with the kit and so decided not to use them.


Created my own decals and stencils for XX720. Had it painted with Tamiya white and a custom mixed of Dark Camo Gray to achieve the appropriate shade  due to its scale.


I pondered on what it would really have looked like flying in the Norwegian landscape and so I searched for some pics and put up a simple winter landscape for the display. Quite happy with the outcome for a 1/144 built.


Enjoy the photos




ARC 01.jpg

ARC 02.jpg

ARC 03.jpg

ARC 04.jpg

ARC 05.jpg

ARC 06.jpg

ARC 07.jpg

ARC 08.jpg

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Thank you spejic. I am glad that I am able to continue my childhood hobby with 1/144 scale kits out of space constraints. And hope to do so for many years to come. Thanks for the link to the decal templates attached. 

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Hi Thadeus. Thank you for your comments. It is just effort in wanting to build a reasonable looking model of the real thing in 1/144 scale that provides the drive. Coupled with lots of patience having to put in time in putty filling and sanding down to get that one-piece look. The internet provides the rich resource that I can search for and the easy availability of building material these days the enable me to realize this outcome. We know that at 1/144 scale, most kits have shortcomings otherwise it can become price prohibitive to buy one. Glad that you like it. Here's wishing you and all ARC modelers A very Happy and Safe New Year ahead in 2022 ahead.


Best regards


S K Loh

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