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FS : 1/48 Kits, Aftermarket, Decals

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  I have the following items for sale. All are complete and unstarted unless noted otherwise. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Everything is 1/48 scale


****NOTE**** For the kits that have had work done. I am sorry, but I do not have the time to answer multiple questions about what or how it's done. These are from the collection of a friend that has passed away. I do not know if the work is his, or if they were worked on by someone else. The work is clean and well done. Kits are sold as is and priced accordingly.


If interested in anything, please contact me via email at : flyingleathernecks@att.net


Thank you,




Kinetic F/A-18A/C/D Aggressor VFA-204/VFC-12 $60.00

Kinetic F/A-18D ATARS $60.00

Kinetic F/A-18D ATARS $60.00

Kinetic F/A-18D ATARS $60.00

Kinetic F/A-18D ATARS $60.00

Kinetic EA-6B 'Dark Prowler' $65.00

Kinetic RQ-4B $35.00

Kinetic E-2C $60.00


Hobbyboss A-10A $40.00

Hobbyboss TA-7C $35.00 PENDING


Academy F4U-4B with True Details cockpit $10.00

Academy MiG-29A with Aires cockpit and unknown resin exhaust can (very minor assembly) $15.00

Academy Su-27 with Cutting Edge cockpit set, KMC cockpit, KMC update set, True Details wheels, unknown resin exhaust cans (fuselage halves assembled with cockpit installed, some items painted, loose parts) $40.00


Testors F8F-2 (loose parts, possibly a parts kit) $4.00




Aires F/A-18A Cockpit for Hasegawa $20.00


Kazan F-14A/B/D Landing Gear Set $30.00


Eduard 48101 F-4E/G PE (some parts missing) $5.00

Eduard 48133 F-16 PE $5.00

Eduard FE364 CH-53E Zoom interior $5.00


Eduard Brassin Mk-84 $6.00

Eduard Brassin Mk-84 $6.00

Eduard Brassin Sniper Pod $6.00


IsraCast 48023 RAFAEL Python 4 missiles $6.00


Shawn Hull Resin AN/ALE-50 Towed Decoy for B-1B $5.00


MAW Resin CH-46F/E Conversion $5.00


Flightpath Tornado/Eurofighter boarding ladder $5.00

Flightpath RAF TIALD Pod $5.00


Quickboost A-7D antenna/sensors $3.00


Paragon AGM-142 (x2) and Data Pod $10.00




Twobobs 48-012 F-16 'How's my Driving?' (ALANG option only) $3


Model Alliance 48104 Modern RAF Tornados $10


Speed Hunter Graphics 48011 USAF Phantom MiG Killers Pat I $20







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