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S-3 Viking MAD Boom Metal Material

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Aluminum...painted grey I believe, but could have been NMF.


I never saw a boom extended.... saw it (as small section of the boom) in the ECS compartment on pre-flight when you crawled up there to check the "fluff" bolt.  You had to check to make sure that bolt was secure...because it was part of the cable/pulley system to extend/retract the boom.  If it (bolt) was missing/loose or broken...chances are the boom would come out on it's own or be unable to retract.  Not good.  It happed multiple times...hence the inclusion of checking the bolt by the time I started flying the S-3.  


The tip of the boom was a brownish/yellow/tan-ish color, because it was basically a radome over the MAD sensor.




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Thanks.  It appears to be dark aluminum or painted dark gray, although it's still hard to determine from the pic.  The picture of the tip is interesting.  Some type of paper covering strapped on with white tape since I can see creases/wrinkles?



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All the "stingers" I've seen (they used to fly by the ship with it extended) were painted gray, the tip was fiberglass so it was a tan color. The tape you see was called "radome tape" it was put on fiberglass to help prevent it from cracking

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