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TOP 10 coolest planes ever

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It's gotta be:


SR-71 blackbird

B-2 spirit

F-117 nighthawk

MIG-31 foxhound - the one to scare SR-71 away!

SU-47 berkut - the X-MEN plane!

SU-75 Checkmate


SU-33 "the one with the flappy wings on the front"

A-10 while a ugly plane, its still in my memories from "operation flashpoint" the old videogame. It has a unique design like no one else.

SR-72 from the new top gun 2 movie, america's new scary demon against russia.


F16, F22, F35 were excluded for being kinda cool but just not "WOW OMG cool"

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Concorde - enough said.

DC-3/C-47 - it's been around for 85 years, and you can still go and fly in one...

F-14 - sheer swing-wing sexiness...

Harrier (AV-8) - a fixed-wing aeroplane that can fly backwards and sideways...

Hunter - pure aerodynamic elegance...

Spitfire - graceful and beautiful and deadly with it...

SR-71 - still futuristic-looking to this day...

U-2 - essentially a jet-powered glider...

V-22 Osprey - half-aeroplane, half-helicopter hybrid , doesn't get much cooler...

Vulcan - to see something that size flown at an air display like it was a fighter...

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I normally do not contribute to these type of Top 10 topics, because it is so subjective.  Also for fear of leaving a very important type out.  I love all aircraft (well almost all).


However, to the current list I would add MiG-21 for it's sheer ubiquitousnes, not to mention the C-130 Hercules for being in continous production the longest. 


The Lockheed U-2, North American P-51 Mustang, Vought F4U Corsair, Hawker Sea Fury, F-86 Sabre, all defined their eras.


My personal favorite, the AD/A-1 Skyraider for the sheer load of ordnance it could haul around and still look amazingly clean and like a beefy fighter instead of a attack aircraft.

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20 minutes ago, MR Brush Brutalizer said:

I can understand concorde and valkyrie, since it absolutely mogged other countries.

but the rest..no guys just no 🙂 they look like kids toys compared to an YF23 or Su-47, not to mention the iconic B2 and F117

Looks aren't everything - I'll wager that a Harrier/AV-8B could still out-VIFF an Su-47 any day of the week...

....besides, there's that old adage "if it looks right, it flies right" - and the Su-47's wings are on backwards...

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Isnt the harrier an old "i can do everything" plane like f-35? That means not really fast, not really agile.

su-27/33 was made focusing on air-to-air superiority and dancing around the sky, super agile.


Su-47 was a technological test-bed, but meant to be even more maneuverable than the regular su-27.

What chance would a vertical take off meme plane have in a dog fight against a super maneuverable test bed?

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Rusty Phantom

Phantom missing parts

Full size replica of a Phantom


Model of a Phantom

CT-133 Shooting Star. I like Shooting Stars.....and Phantoms.

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I just never could get into the shape, but the F107 is a good starter. I always the the X3 was way out there. Yet on the other end of the scale one has the Lysander to think about!  I always thought the DO335 most interesting. 


Just for plain looks and nothing else the old B47 and the B58 probably top my list


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