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TOP 10 coolest planes ever

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Agree that this is a very subjective list however keeping with the OP's definition of "WOW OMG cool" my personal top 10 would be:


B-58A Hustler - a Convair delta wing, four podded engines, Mach 2, wasp waist... my dream plane when I was a teenager 😍

SR-71 Blackbird - needs no introduction!

XB-70 Valkyrie - I was 11 when that crash happened. Saw the other one outside the USAF Museum many years later, incredible plane.

F-104 Starfighter - especially the early F-104A models in highly polished metal with colourful bright markings. Pure fifties!

C-141A Starlifter - such blended curves, it just looked right especially in grey / white livery.

Constellation - civil or military, the most graceful and iconic of the classic propliners.

Victor - way ahead of its time with that weird fuselage, crescent wing and Kuchemann carrot fairings.

F-4 Phantom - saw my first F-4K in 1970, it went straight up in burner and literally bored a hole through the cloud.

F-111 'Vark - there is just something about swing-wings and the 'Vark had lots of that something.

F-8 Crusader - for me, the iconic U.S. Navy fighter of the Vietnam war.


So many missing though, can I choose 10 more? 😉

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I just looked thru all the posts and many were interesting, but I see the lack of:



A6 Intruder (may have been the most accurate bomber in world during it's time

a good old F100d

Japanese Zero!

Beech Traveler

The ancient C47/DC-3 is still in use

ME262 was a giant leap in aerial combat

a P38 of course

The P39 kinda made idiots out of a lot of so called experts

and lastly the P47 in any version


and I find it odd that nobody claimed the F15 (still flying quite well). An FW190F  could get things done well. The BF109K4 is another to think about, but the TA152 was most superior


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My selection:

- Su-27 Flanker
- F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle
- F-4 Phantom
- F-14 Tomcat
- A-10 Thunderbolt
- Su-24 Fencer
- F-5 Tiger
- SR-71 Blackbird
- B-52 Stratofortress
- B-1 Lancer

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My top 10 Coolest planes ever - (In no particular order):


1. Fokker DR.1 Tri-plane

2. P-51D Mustang

3. F-86 Sabre

4. F-16C

5. Fw-190 D9

6. F-117

7. B-2

8. SR-71

9. Wright Flyer

10. Space Shuttle Orbiter (?)

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