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I have the following books for sale. All are in excellent condition unless noted otherwise. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Books will ship via media mail within the CONUS. For overseas/Canada/Mexico, shipping will be at cost.


If interested in anything, please contact me via email at : flyingleathernecks@att.net


As always, thank you,




WARBIRD TECH Series - $15 each

Vol 13 A-1 Skyraider

Vol 28 English Electric Lightning

Vol 9 F-15 Eagle

Vol 25 F-117 Nighthawk

Vol 19 B-1 Lancer


GINTER Publications

NF55 A-4M Skyhawk $10

NF82 Two-Seat Skyhawks TA-4F/J, OA-4M $15

NF13 F4D Skyray $20

NF52 A-4E/F Skyhawk $10

Air Force Legends 205 XF-88 Voodoo $10

Air Force Legends 211 F-86D/K/L $10


DUKE HAWKINS/HMH Publications DH001 Sepecat Jaguar $15


EAGLE Aviation

F-4E Phantom Under the Skin $20 PENDING

F-16 Viper Under the Skin $20 PENDING

AH-64DHA (hard back) $20


AirDoc ADJP006 BAe/EADS Eurofighter $15


DOUBLE UGLY Publications

Fox Two Details and Markings 01 Panavia Tornado $25

Fox Two Details and Markings 02 BAE Harrier II $25


IsraDecal Publications Aircraft in Detail 1, F-16I Sufa $15


SAM Publications - $10 each :

Air Data 5 Eurofighter Typhoon

MDF 10 Eurofighter Typhoon 


REID Air Publications - $20 each :


Bases of the World Vol 1, Kadena

A-10 Thunderbolt II, 21st Century Warthog

Modern Eagle Guide

Viper Story Part II, Test and Training F-16's (hard back)



Buccaneer $5

F-100 $5

Westland Sea King $10

Westland Wessex $10

Hawker Tempest Mks II to VI $5.00

Panavia Tornado $10

Hawker Typhoon $5

Hawker Sea Fury $5

Gloster Meteor $10


4+ Publication MiG-29 $5


Landing Zone Publications CH-53E/MH-53E $10



20 F/A-18A Hornet

2 Jaguar PENDING

1 Hawk T Mk.1

14 A-4M Skyhawk

24 Panavia Tornado GR Mk.1 PENDING

15 A-6E Intruder


VALIANT Airframe & Miniature 

No. 16 Hawker Hurricane $25 PENDING

No. 2 Hawker Typhoon $20

No. 8 De Havilland Mosquito part I $15 PENDING

No. 10 De Havilland Mosquito part II $15


Aerofax F/A-22 Raptor $10

Aerofax Datagraph 6 F-15A/B/C/D/E Eagle $10

Aerofax Minigraph 2 F-15A/B $6

Aerofax Minigraph 3 F-14A/B $6

Aerofax Minigraph 4 F-4D $6

Aerofax Minigraph 7 EA-6A/EA-6B $6

Aerofax Minigraph 13 RF-4 $6 PENDING

Aerofax Minigraph 17 Mirage F1 $6

Aerofax Minigraph 18 AH-64 $6

Aerofax Minigraph 20 F-4E $6 PENDING



Aircraft Pictorial 6 F-4B/N $6

Aircraft Pictorial 7 F4U-1 Corsair Volume I $6

Aircraft Pictorial 8 F4U-1 Corsair Volume II $6


SQUADRON/SIGNAL In Action - $4 each

Mi-24 Hind

P-3 Orion

F-14 Tomcat

AH-1 Cobra

F-100 Sabre

B-1 Lancer

MiG-21 Fishbed

F-8 Crusader

Su-25 Frogfoot

A-7 Corsair

A-1 Skyraider

C-130 Hercules

MiG-23/27 Flogger

H-3 Sea King

F-15 Eagle

F-4 Phantom

F9F Panther/Cougar

F4U Corsair


Squadron/Signal Publications - $5 each

USN Phantoms in Combat


Air War - Iraq

Air War - Desert Storm

Gunships, a pictorial history of Spooky

USMC Phantoms in Combat


And Kill Migs

Night Wings USMC Night Fighters, 1942-53

Fighting Colors UH-1


CONCORD Publications - $6 each

US Air Power at Sea

Modern Soviet Warplanes

NATO's First Blood, Air War over Bosnia

SLUF A-7 Corsair II


Quick Strike

Su-27 Flanker

The Shield of David, IAF into the 90's





ADH Publishing How to Build - $8 each (Both PENDING)

1/32 Revell Bf109G-6 

1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa


Osprey Modeling the Harrier $5.00

Osprey Modeling the F-4 Phantom $5.00

Osprey Modeling the F4U Corsair $5.00


Zoukei-Mura Concept Notes III A-1H Skyraider $20.00 PENDING


Compendium Modeling Manuals 2, Advanced Aviation Modeling $5.00

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Hi Dave,

I'll take the following if still available:


IsraDecal Publications Aircraft in Detail 1, F-16I Sufa $15

Osprey Modeling the F-4 Phantom $5.00

CONCORD Publications SLUF A-7 Corsair II

Squadron/Signal Publications USN Phantoms in Combat/USMC Phantoms in Combat

SQUADRON/SIGNAL In Action F-4 Phantom/A-7 Corsair/F-8 Crusader

Aerofax Minigraph 4 F-4D/ 17 Mirage F1

Aerofax Datagraph 6 F-15A/B/C/D/E Eagle $10


- Ron



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Great books you have in stock. Recently, I have been reading more and more often my favorite classical writers, whom I have loved since childhood. For example, for me, one of the most important writers who influenced me very much is Shakespeare. His play Othello is one of the best for me. On the site https://paperap.com/free-papers/othello/ I read some very interesting articles about Othello, including how envious and jealous people are revealed in this work.

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Thank you so much for these recommendations! Friends, I highly recommend that you pay attention to ancient Greek and Roman literature. I recently read Antigone, click for more information. Greek tragedy often teaches moral lessons through human life and political will. Antigone is the tragic story of the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta of Thebes after the army of Argos disappeared and her brothers killed each other on opposite sides of the battle.

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