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You know that neither Hasegawa got the slats correct for a "S" nor do Revell slats have the correct shape for the Navy Slats? The outer slats have a very prominent angle in its profile completely different to the E/F/G slats. From addition the inner slats on the "S" protruded forward of the wing even in retracted position. I recommend getting hold of a Paragon Designs 72058

set. They have the correct shape and you can also built them in closed position.


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Hi Craig,


I am building an Iranian F-4E from the less expensive F-4EJ Kai "Aero Dancing" kit and I have an extra set of E1 and E2 parts.  Regrettably, I will be using the Q parts.  I ended up buying and trading for some of the correct parts needed and and thus have some extras.


I also have some other extra parts so let me know if you might need/want something else.


PM me at glynnj(at)swbell(dot)net please and let's work something out, I'm perpetually looking for 72nd decals or bits for different projects!


Take Care,



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Hi There Glynn 

Thank you for the reply ref Phantom slats offer it is the Q parts I am after to go with the E parts so if you don't mind Glynn I will keep looking.

I don't seem to have much look on this want.

Again many thanks.

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O.K. Craig,


It looks like you might end up contacting Hasegawa for spared, as I did, to get what you need.  I ended up also receiving some other spare bits with another set of wing slats in a tread.


Sorry I couldn't help this time!


Take Care,



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