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Red paint color match help needed...

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I am currently building  a Revell F.3 Tornado using these Xtradecals. (Panavia Tornado F.3 56(F) Sqn RAF Collection)

The instructions say to use  "Post Office Red" to match the decal. The problem is I can't find this color.

I tried MM guards red, insignia red and plain red. But they were all to dark when compared to the red decal color.

Is there a equivalent red in either MM or AMMO/Mig paints that will match or come close to Post office red? (Post Office Red)

Thanks for any help.

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They're British decals for a British jet (Xtradecals is, I think, Hannant's brand?).  I suspect that the only place you're going to find that specific shade of red is in the Xtracolour or Xtracrylics line.  Red Arrows Red/Signal Red might be close tothe same color.


Other than that, maybe try "Ferrari Red" or "Italian Red"; I think both were in the MM line.

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1 hour ago, Joe Hegedus said:

Just a thought, but you really should be matching the red on the decal rather than looking for the “official” color - there’s no guarantee that the decal matches the standard.


This !!!  :thumbsup:

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