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Revell Spitfire IXc x2

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A while ago, I brokered a deal with our very own DONG for a 32nd scale Revell Spitfire IXc.  When the package came in the mail I was very surprised to find two kits; one unstarted and the other a builder's special with some extras including decals and PE frets thrown in.  Both have been completed.  DN*T was the unstarted one.  I tried my hand a freehand camo.  It was okay but not spectacular.  Kit decals were very nice and reacted well to Solvaset.





JE*J was the builder's special.  A few items had been glued together and some paint applied but nothing insurmountable.  I managed to get this one done in less than two weeks; completing it on 31 December.  I used the Tamiya kit decals for James Edgar 'Johnny' Johnson's aircraft that Don had thrown into the package.  They were really nice and settled well with Solvaset.  Paint on both was Model Master Enamels and Alclad II lacquers.  For this one, recalling I wasn't too enthusiastic with my freehand efforts, I masked the areas for green paint.


Left Front


I'm not a fan of weathering my models.    At one point, they were factory fresh and that's the way I prefer to build.


Thanks for looking and a big thanks to my friend Don for his generousity.



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