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WTB/WTT: Wolfpack 1/48 wing fold sets/detail sets

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I'm looking for the following items to buy or trade for:


Wolfpack 1/48 S-3 Wingfold set (x2)

Wolfpack 1/48 EA-6A cockpit set

Wolfpack 48082 wing fold set for Revell EA-6A

Wolfpack or Black Dog 1/48 S-3 Cockpit set (x2)

Airdoc 48016 1/48 A-7D decals (specifically the Colorado ANG schemes) FOUND

Caracal 48092 1/48 B-1B (specifically the "Dark Knight" scheme)


Trade Only Items (no direct sales, so don't bother asking):

- Hasegawa 1/48 F-14 kits with Aires detail sets. 

- Various Black Box cockpit sets.

- Extensive library of ~500 decal sheets of 1960's through modern jets (Two Bobs, Fightertown, VF decals, Aeromaster, SSI/MSI, Fox One, Caracal, etc.) 

If you have one of my wish list items to trade, let me know what you are looking for and I'll check my stash.


Shoot me a PM if you want to sell or trade for the items I'm looking for.







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