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Here is my what if CF-23. After watching the documentary on the YF-23 I the saw the 1/48 Hobby Boss kit in my local hobby shop for a good price so I picked it up. This plane just looks cool even sitting still! The kit decals are terrible so instead of buying more decals I dug into the spares and came up with these "Still sourcing a couple more". I watched an online review and the reviewer described it as one of the top 5 worst kits he has built and I just simply don't agree. The Cockpit and canopy fit are excellent along with the intakes and wheel wells. The one spot I had to work on was the wing joint for the outer panels. you need to thin this butt joint down on the outer panel to avoid having  a step. I've never done a what if subject before but I thoroughly enjoyed this build. Cheers RayDSC01925.thumb.JPG.d761ce5742a19cd954f4ceeedf1b1d39.JPGDSC01937.thumb.JPG.9fc28e7610cfe6b456aeda5d5d8bf70b.JPGDSC01939.thumb.JPG.c130e17237651b97dbde197f8d2cb19b.JPG

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