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ok long shot....I want to build a 1/32 F-5E aggressor.

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a 1/32 KH F-5E kit and a Black Box 1/32 F-5E cockpit set for sale or trade. I'm aware they are both becoming hard to locate, but I'd sure enjoy  building and aggressor since I've been out to Fallon several times and have pics of the F-5 I want to build, really appreciate any help. I have several 1/48 Hornet and SU-35 kits I can trade


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1 hour ago, KEB said:

thanks....now I just need the black box interior 

The Black Box 1/32 F-5E interior is designed for the Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E, so may not fit the Kitty Hawk kit. I sold mine last year when I decided to get the Kitty Hawk 1/32 RF-5E and decided I could just make do with the True Details seat for my Hasegawa F-5E kit. I'll probably never finish it, because like you, I don't look forward to rescribing the Hasegawa kit.

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Thanks for that link Dave, now I realize I probably should've kept my Black Box cockpit set. :bandhead2:

Reading through most of that excellent (RE)build, makes me wonder if I will ever build my KH F-5E & RF-5E.

I have also had LOTS of the same issues with my other KH kits, which makes me think it's a good thing that KH went out of business.

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1 hour ago, karl h said:

really? you´d rather have no kit than one that needs work?

Where do you get that assumption? I said I have BOTH the KH 1/32 F-5E and the RF-5E (Which I may or may not ever build), as well as the old (But with less screwed up molding) Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E.

Seeing as how Kitty Hawk never seemed to figure out how to use slide-mold technology, I think it's good they went bust.

Just my opinion, others will disagree.

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