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(2022 F-16 Group Build) My Contribution: 906TFG F-16A

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I am going for an F-16A from the 906TFG out of Wright-Patt AFB.  Reserve unit that was there when I was stationed there in the 80's.


I have been collecting the necessary ingredients to make it a proper A model.  Here is a sample.


The kit I am starting with- Hasegawa F-16N #V7



The appropriate smaller horizontal stabs from Quickboost, ACES seat and a nice looking burner can.



The Academy F-16 kit is donating an appropriate vertical stab.



Two Bobs stencil decals



This is what I am hoping for:



Using Speed Hunter Decals



Like Kurt I don't like painting cockpits so I have a Quinta 3D decal on order.  Well, its time to get started.


See ya later.


Geoff M

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Since you're using the F-16N as basis, the instrument panel will be incorrect for the F-16A. The F-16N is essentially an F-16C, including same cockpit layout. 

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8 hours ago, Niels said:

Since you're using the F-16N as basis, the instrument panel will be incorrect for the F-16A. The F-16N is essentially an F-16C, including same cockpit layout. 

I ordered the Quinta 3d decal for a F-16A.


Geoff M

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For a jet of that era, you're going to have to skip a lot (most?) of the Afterburner stencil decals. For instance, the jet you are doing has yellow-ish RESCUE arrows and orange ejection seat warning placards. Hopefully the SH sheet has some of those for you. 
Looks like a great subject!

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Hi again,


I started working on the kit, while I am waiting on the cockpit details.  Sort of doing a series of sub assemblies.  I am thinking of painting the fuselage and wings before putting them together instead of masking and painting.  We will see.


Here is some progress so far:

A nice looking bang seat.  I have not dealt with this yet



I have removed all the details from the kit cockpit while waiting on the Quinta parts.



Some work on the intake.



I know, there's a seam still



The Academy kit vert stab in place.  Fit just like it was made for the Hasegawa kit.



Might be leaning right just a bit.  



Installed the landing gear bay parts and the ventral strakes. I am not a super-detailer, so kit details suffice for me



I glued the rear of engine turbine looking thing to front of the intake area so people that like to look into engine intakes will see something



Wings halves glued together and seams sanded.  These fit really well, no putty needed.  The plastic on the wing on the left has some waves in it.



When I have built this kit before I noticed there was no positive alignment feature to the radome.  I fashioned a piece of strip plastic that I will glue to the front of the nose to provide that.



It will look like this.  Right now held in place with putty.



I don't recall this plane being a tail sitter but the instructions said to add weight to the nose.  Fishing split shot held in place with putty.



Thats where I am at for now.  Waiting for the cockpit to arrive.


Geoff M


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It's kinda hard to tell from your pictures, but that Academy tail fin tip looks more like the C/D tip than the A/B tip. I think it can be corrected with a bit of sanding.



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Still waiting on cockpit details.  While I am waiting I started doing some painting.  Hoping I can put it all together with some minor touch ups.

bang seat



This particular F-16 still had the original paint scheme of 36375 lower fuselage, 36270 sides and vert stab, 36118 upper fuselage.   here is the bottom painted up and the intake installed.



Upper fuselage




Wings, I filled the unused holes for the inner pylon since I will be leaving them off.



A bunch of little things painted 



Landing gear painted up






Thats where it is now.  Waiting on the postman so I can strt closing things up.


Geoff M

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6 minutes ago, Jay Chladek said:

Where does one sign up for this GB?



Original proposal thread here.    


On 1/14/2022 at 11:11 PM, Kurt H. said:

Start now and put a topic in the Jet modelling forum ... we will get a Group Build in the GB forum when Steve has time.


WIPs can be started here (Jet modelling forum -->   In-Progress forum),  with  your title prefixed with "(2022 F-16 Group Build)"





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It has been a few days since I posted anything but I have been getting things done.


I managed to get the fuselage together after I got the Quinta parts.  I forgot to take a picture of the the cockpit before I put it in the fuselage.  It was designed for the Kinetic F-16 but a little trimming and it worked fine.  So far the kit is going together fairly effortlessly.  No putty has been needed.



Front view



Here is the alignment piece I made to help in attaching the radome




Wings on, I needed a little put at the wing-fuselage joint here and some touch up paint.



Decaling in progress after some future for a gloss coat.  Speed Hunter Graphics decals are working great.




Top View.  I should have this bird done in a day or so.  I still need to paint a bunch of sidewinders 🤪



Thanks for looking.  Feedback welcome.


Geoff M 


Edited by Geoff M
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Thanks Jake, You and me both.


Got this one finished today.  I did it just like the picture I posted.  Here's how it came out.






I tried to get a shot of the cockpit but it is a little blurry shooting through the canopy.





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