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1:48 Academy F-15I Ra am

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I've recently bought an F-15I Ra am kit. I was wondering if anybody can tell me something about the kit as it's not something I've looked into before. Is this a version on the kit that doesn't have all of the single cft stub pylons or is it the updated version of the kit?


Can it be made into an early 90s F-15E from Lakenheath? Or is it best kept as an F-15I? 

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The only Academy Raam I'm aware is this one:




Pretty much the "updated" F-15E (or B actually). Shootloads of weapons and stuff.

It has all the stuff You need to build an F-15E (different front cft pylons, exhaust nozzles without turkey feathers). Or as much as You can with an Academy F-15. I don't know about the sidewinder launchers, as they are the shorter type with LAU-127 launchers (or -128?).

The additional CFT intakes are there.



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