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(2022 F-16 Group Build)F-16XL #1

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I bought this kit a few months ago from a friend. I am going to do it OOB and in the NASA livery.



Cockpit tub and ejection seat are assembled. I filled the seams with Vallejo Plastic Putty. I've also base coated them with Mr Color Dark Gull Gray, but haven't taken the pictures yet. I like the Kinetic kit includes the throttle.





I assembled the two sections of the intake trunk and filled the seams. I'm going to do the pour method to paint these.



One thing I love about Kinetic kits is the amount of extras. I tried to make my load lighter by leaving the extra sprues at home when I went to the CoMMiES in-person build & bull. However, I did outsmart myself and left a sprue for the vertical stabilizer at home O_o. I got it together when I got home. Still need to fill seams and rescribe.



A question for the hive mind... I am not happy with the recommended colors for the P&W exhaust. Any suggestions out there?



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I painted the cockpit tub, but forgot to take a picture. The seat is going well, except... I managed to lose the ejection handle. Freakin' little parts for my sausage fingers. I have the Eduard set on order. Here's the seat.






The landing gear wells are base coated, with the main gear well coming along nicely.





I did the paint pour tonight. Crap, did that make a mess!





No building until maybe Sunday. Visiting the daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter this weekend!



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Finally back to this build after 3 contests (CoMMiESFest, ModelFest at Starfest, and Wonderfest) and one very difficult model.


I had to replace the pitot tube assembly on the ejection seat. I broke it during drybrushing. I'm not using any aftermarket on the kit except on the seat.



I tried something new on the cockpit and used a toothpick to paint the knobs and switches. Not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I learned.



Fuselage has been painted and glossed for the wash. Still need to flat coat and drybrush.



I have been working on the exhaust, but haven't taken any pictures. Stay tuned!



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I have been working on many parts of the build, just not posting photos. Let's start with the exhaust.

I found a YouTuber who was building a Tamiya F-16 Aggressor and showed how he painted the exhaust and followed his example. I was very pleased with how mine turned out, so I put a coat of AquaGloss on it, let it dry overnight (I think. It may have been longer.), and decaled.




I weathered with a Tamiya Panel Line Wash and sealed it with Alclad Light Sheen. I thought the decals were well protected, so I masked them off and hit the inside with Alclad Flat. Boy, I was mistaken about the decals being protected...





I scanned the decal sheet for a Kinetic F-16AM to get the replacement decals and printed them on decal paper. This was the first time I applied them and it gave acceptable results.


I found out I jumped the gun on the undercarriage. It wouldn't fit being fully built up, so I had to pull it apart, install, and put it back together.




I am building this in the NASA livery, so I filled all the holes for the pylons and the AMRAAMs with rod. I then glued the fuselage halves together.




I had to replace the intake de-icer because I broke the kit part and lost half of it 😞 I used strip styrene. I painted the intake lip and assembled the whole intake.




I puttied with Vallejo Plastic Putty and cleaned it up with water.




I've primed it and will paint at least the top of it before installing.


More to come!







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I took too much time off from this build to finish other projects. I am back at it.


I did a stupid thing a while back and decided to cut off the exhaust fairing from the top and bottom halves of the fuselage and use the one piece fairing. Well, the XL has a different contour than the A. So, I have been fixing that mistake. I started by filling the gap with 0.010" strip.






Next, I laminated the fairing to the correct diameter.




You can see where I goofed and cut on the wrong side of my scribing tape. Next, sand, sand, sand...




The gaps required extra filling and I fixed my oops. The bottom contour wasn't quite right, either.






I'm also working on the canopy so I can close up the cockpit and prime. I had to remove a nasty seam line. Future and Brasso to the rescue!




I was hoping to have it done for High Plains Con 31, which is today, but life got in the way.



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Nice build of a really interesting aircraft (I wish I'd gotten a kit when they were available!), sorry that you had to re-do the exhaust fairing but it seems well on its way 👍


If you'd like to add the spin chute (assembled or only the brackets) they're available here by the way 😉 - I believe at lease the brackets were always on the XL, not sure why Kinetic skipped them.


Looking forward to seeing it completed,



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