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Kinetic 1/48 HAF F-16D Block52M 023 335sq "NATO Tiger Meet 2018"

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   I am proudly presenting you my first finished model in 1/48 scale. 

   This model represents a Hellenic Airforce F 16D Block52M fighter and most particular the a/c with s/n 023, carrying the scheme from NATO Tiger Meet 2018 exercise (Poznań, Poland). The scheme was applied on CFTs and on the drop tanks and it's colour was inspired by white tiger of Bengal. It took me 4 months to complete the build (Jan 21 - Apr 21).

   The base of the model is Kinetic's 48076 kit. Also resin parts from Aires (pitot, seats and nozzle) as well as from Eduard (Wheels) were used. The decals were from Zeus Project's F-16 Block 52+/M decalsheet (s/n, stencils & insignias) and Modelmaker (NTM 2018 scheme). 

   Since it was one of my first models I didn't add details in wheelbays. I made some modifications on the dorsal spine (HAF's F-16D's have differnt arrangement of flare/chaff launchers). Mr.Surfacer 1500 Black was used as base coat, while the camo was painted using AK's RCs (RC237 Medium Grey FS 35237, RC248 Aggressor Grey FS 36251, RC250 Light Sea Grey FS 36307, RC251 Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320). The HAVE glass effect was made by the addition of X-23 and X-19 into varnish's mixture. Finaly Winsor & Newton oils were used for the weathering.


Your opinion is really important!!!


Hope you like it!!!!

Greetings from Greece,



51837855302_ac01a9d557_o_d.jpg 51838918503_caa46a5b0e_o_d.jpg


51837855252_89cbf912f9_o_d.jpg 51839159689_ee58dff062_o_d.jpg 51838918443_491188e6b4_o_d.jpg 51837855067_5db41beb4b_o_d.jpg 51838802241_3b41729bd5_o_d.jpg



51839159579_e7402f3ea0_o_d.jpg 51839537750_df116812e9_o_d.jpg 51838802246_82cf989d9d_o_d.jpg


51838918258_98a0f97e49_o_d.jpg 51838918228_5218f56256_o_d.jpg


51837854932_a5d1afba71_o_d.jpg 51839537710_ce34a8f133_o_d.jpg 51839159534_dd4617fa15_o_d.jpg



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