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HobbyBoss 1/48 F-105D Thunderchief

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Hi there!

This is my recent project. There are few choices if you want an 1/48 F-105(D/G) so I went with HobbyBoss for this. I can’t say I didn’t know about its flaws. I’ll list them here, so perhaps I can give my contribution to those who, like me, love the ‘105 and want to build one.

As written in almost every review, the kit is really overengineered in several areas. For instance, the engine, the 20mm gun, the spoilers have way too many parts, that can lead to poor alignment, if you don’t pay attention. 

The fitting, in general, is just regular, with its fair share of flash and injection marks. The landing gear, in particular, is tricky. As the real jet, the main legs are tall and skinny, and the way they must be glued is really bad. The whole thing feels like it’s gonna colapse at any moment. Not to mention the instructions could be clearer, that's in general.

Two advices, if I may. Have the two fuselage halves completed before joining them, instead of doing like the instructions say. That’s because the tail cone is not a great fit either. And, if you decide to let the nose landing gear to be assembled later, contrary to the instructions too, it’s possible and will prevent damaging it during the whole process. You just assemble the mandatory half of it inside the bay box and let the rest for later.

Regarding the decals, they don’t look too good at first glance, but they are. Good response to Mr Softer and not too fragile, with almost no silvering, especially after matt varnish. 

But, you’ll notice some of them are just missing. Sometimes there should be two, one for each side of the fuselage, you see them in the instructions but………they’re not there. On the other hand, you have lots without a clue about where to place them.

Anyway, this one was OOB except for the metal pitot tube and Quick Boost ejection seat. Paints were Gunze Aqueous and Laquer based. 

I’d say it turned out ok, and I’m happy to have a ’105 in my shelf now. But, probably because of “that girl all over the nose”, my wife is not that thrilled! 


15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

















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