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Tamiya 1:48 F-16C, 421st TFS Desert Storm

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Just starting the thread for my current build.  Am using the Tamiya F-16 Aggressor boxing to build a Block 40 jet of the 421st TFS in Desert Storm.  Just doing the basic assembly at the moment.




Not building this particular jet, but will look similar:

88-0432_1.jpg (1024×672) (dstorm.eu)



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Not much new to see, gotta rescribe some panel lines and then it's ready to paint in few days..  The fin is dry-fitted.


working on the bombs at the moment, they are cluster bombs purchased from Shawn Hull's line.  Will be using Hasegawa AIM-9 missiles to match all my other DS builds.  The LANTIRN pod and ALQ-131 will also be from Hasegawa.  The Tamiya F-16N boxing unfortunately doesn't include TER; DonG graciously donated a couple.


another problem I haven't worked around is getting the proper markings on the fuel tanks.  Will need the red circles and underside markings carried at the time, also not supplied in the F-16N boxing



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slow progress, had decided to finish a Gr1 Tornado before this.


Will be working on the weapons and such next.  I think i'll put on CBU-58 instead and save the CBU-87 bombs for a 614th TFS build.




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almost there, mostly putting on RBF tags at this point.  Then putting on the last missile, a HUD part, and boarding ladder.


had accidentally put on a decal on the fin backwards, successfully corrected it after peeling the decal off.



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