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1/72 Atlas Cheetah C, Ecuatorian Air Force, (AMK/ScaleWorx resin)

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 So, after a long time, I managed to finish another model. Atlas Cheetah C of the Ecuatorian Air Force, created using the wonderful AMK 1/72 Kfir kit and the appropriate ScaleWorx resin conversion set.

The build was relatively easy, as the AMK kit is a joy to work with, I almost felt bad for cutting it up, haha, but it was needed in order to fit the resin conversion parts.

The resin parts themselves are light blue color, very nice quality overall and satisfying level of detail. The only negative I found is that the provided resin canards (Cheetah canards are larger than conventional Kfir canards) lack panel-lining from the bottom side. No big issue, I rescribed them using reference photos. Other resin parts provided are basically the entire front section with cockpit and nose gear bay, the tail fin, exhaust and jet nozzle, refuelling probe, nose cone and some bits and bobs, aerials, etc. for the fuselage. Seat cushion is also provided, but I had the excellent Eduard PE set for the Kfir and opted to use that in combination with the kit plastic seat.

I also scratch built some minor details around the fuselage, added small vents using repurposed spare/left over PE from other kits, furthermore I scartchbuilt hydraulic arms for landing gear based on pictures I saw, as well as brake lines, other small aerials, also drilled out landing lights and used gloss varnish to simulate glass effect.

Used a Master pitot intended for Mirage 2000. The Kfir pitot seems to be much longer than the one used on Cheetahs. I also used leftover PE  from Modelsvits Mirage III to enhance the exhaust area (the inner ring - not really visible on my pictures, but oh well).

All paints used are Vallejo and Mig polyurethane acrylics, custom mixes, applied with a hairy stick. The paint job is probably the weak point of this model, but I am determined to keep brush painting for now.

Decals are included in the ScaleWorx conversion set, printed by Uprise-decals. They are good quality, do not break or tear, however one has to carefully cut the carrier film, otherwise it will stand out on the finished model as it is quite thick. Microsol/set decal solutions helped with that. Sadly, the decal sheet doesn't contain enough numbers, as the Ecuatorian Cheetahs have their reg. numbers displayed in several places - aft fuselage just next to the exhaust on both sides, front fuselage on both sides, as well as upper side in front of the windshield, and lower fuselage on the front landing gear door. However, the jet I modelled (reg. 1371) seems to have the numbers on the aft fuselage area faded beyond recognition, so this got me around the decal problem.

Other decals used were from the AMK kit and my spares box (especially small stencils for the missiles and fuel tanks, as AMK doesn't provide these!)

There is a fake canopy silhouette on the bottom fuselage, the shape of which seems to slightly vary from jet to jet. I suspect I actually painted mine wrongly shaped (some jets have straight lines, some curved), but this is a mistake I can live with.


Below are some pictures I took of the finished model. I apologize for the dodgy lighting, I am still trying to learn how to properly photograph models.


I would like to thank John Weideman from ScaleWorx for making the excellent conversion set I used!















Thanks for looking.

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6 hours ago, Gary F said:

Nice to see this one.  Would be nice if a 1/48th version of the Cheetah would get produced. 

Atlas Cheetah D is due out late March 2022 by Kinetic if I am not mistaken. Two seater, but still.

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