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A couple of questions for B-58 Hustler experts....

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Actually, it three questions...

Question #1: Does ANYONE have photos of the engine nacelles on the B-58 open, and HOW they opened, they would be willing to share/post?

Question #2: What model of the J-79 engine did the B-58 use, and was it any different than those used in the F-104 Starfighter, F-4 Phantom, or RA-5C Vigilante?

Question #3: Again, does ANYONE have CLEAR photos of a J-79 engine in a B-58, or maintenance/tech manual on the J-79 itself?


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#1 there are some small pics in Jay Miller’s Aerofax book. The centerline of the inboard engines was at shoulder level and pics show techs standing on the tarmac with panels open. 

#2 production Hustlers used J79-GE-5. Preproduction jets used YJ79-GE-1. 

#3 still looking…

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BTW... what about the internal intake color?

In these pictures looks almost white, while in other I've seen seems to be very dark, almost black.


Any more info on that?

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The inlet was white. An interesting thing about those nacelle panels is they had to be allowed to cool before removal. If they were removed while they were hot, they were a booger to reinstall because they warped as they cooled.

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