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After two years of Covid this March seen the return of the second biggest Hungarian modelling show and competition. Using the hall of the Szolnok air base the competition is held every year in early March. Of course it was cancelled at short notice in 2020 at the very beginning of the European Covid outbreak. At the time the organizers received a lot of flak from neighbouring countries / modellers accusing them of coward decision “after all this is just a flu”.

What followed, the close to 6 million dead worldwide and close to 44 thousand local dead in Hungary have justified the decision of cancelation in March 2020. Also for the other shows like for example the big European Moson competitions since then.


Two years later March 2022:

With 5 th wave dwindling away events like this show were given a green light by authorities. Lets just hope that it stays this way and there will be no 6 th wave of Covid! At end of April the Moson 2022 show is scheduled.


The difference with this year’s Szolnok show was that for a change it was organized as a one day event, just the Saturday. Almost 500 entries were received as a pre-registration and in the end almost double of this were put on tables on the day. Judges had a handful of work!


It was fun! It was good to participate in a show after two years, meet and speak with friends in person . . .


I loved the photoetch “skeleton” SR-71!!!










Judges at work











Another judges team





The 72nd scale ACE Ka-25 kit. it is fantastic!








Best regards


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Wonderful that you were able to meet and show off some of your collective handiwork over the past two years.  Excellent work all.  I particularly like the SR-71A skeleton and the eight figureheads.  Is there a story there?

Kind regards,


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Hi ytsejam87jgreaseRyan HothersallairmechajaGator52


Thanks all for the comments and also for taking time to look at the photos and responding! Greatly appreciated!


Hi Dutch,


The only background I have is that the SR-71 kit is 144 scale and is a product of Jasmine Model Kits. Have no idea where they are from, just seen that they have some other "skeleton" kits also.  I did see this SR-71 product years ago on the net and was fascinated by it then but the price was a no go for me. It is simply fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

Actually Eduard used to make every now and then similar “skeleton” or “strip down” versions in brass etching but they are the past. In fact the CEO was asked just few days ago on a Czech forum about doing “stripdown” kits again and he said absolutely not!


Remember the days when Eduard was an innovative company willing to go out of the way to make really special and surprising things! Going to the very edge of possibilities with photoetch. Now mostly they do everything based on charts, booooooring market research, trends, business predictions . . .


Don’t know if this SR-71 kit is still in production or not, but I am tempted to get one after seeing it made. It could be great fun building it. Certainly not a 3D printed product that you get all done and ready for painting with zero work input. Here one needs to do some real model building, and after all isn’t this what our hobby should be about????



The seven figure heads.

I have absolutely no idea what is behind it! I went around the tables to look for things that I did like and take a pic of them. I did like the 7 heads, good idea, interesting, funny, perfectly made . . . Did not look at the attached entry paper to see what it is or where it is from. Just great in my opinion! Have no idea if it was a winner or not in any form, I took photos of what was interesting for me and not what was of value for judges.

For this (kind of) report on this first competition after Covid I wanted to include photos which could give back to a reader / on looker in an internet forum the atmosphere, people involved, some entries . . .


Look forward to the international Moson Show at the end of April. But it is so far in the future and who knows which way our crazy world will turn till then. Also Covid is on steep increase again, so . . .


Best regards


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