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F-4C 1/48th Monogram

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Having lost all my MOJO I haven't built anything in several years, I have decided to build the Monogram F-4C 1/48th scale. I will be using the Caracal decal sheet to finish it off in the Michigan ANG scheme. I will post my progress here. So far I'm not surprised of some parts being Ill fitting but it is a kit designed in the 1970s. This kit was missing the canopy so I will be using the Hasegawa kit canopies in the open position. The majority of this build will be out of the box.


 I got pretty heavy handed on sanding flash off where the flap meets wing. I thought I could live with it but no I can't. So I did a hail Mary and used Tamiya putty and viola. I'm happy with the result. I also began detailing the cockpit I'm using mission models paints with a brush. Instruments are kit decals. Also assembling all sub assemblies.






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Nice to see you givin' the ol' spook a go, and a Guard-ian - good choice. The boxing too since not the earlier dark green plastic.

One thing your wing repair pic. pointed out to me I forgot is Monogram festooned the spoilers with giant rivets when they should be for the

wedge shaped panel forward of them. One technique I use on these old kits with raised lines everyone moans about is to fine grit sand the

entire kit after painting to remove the paint on the lines and get the lines flush with the paint.

It's a way to "use" those raised lines to a detail advantage.  👍

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Did some more work on the phantom. Not liking the fit of the cockpit. But this is not a perfect build it is intended to get my MOJO and concentration back. So far I've applied Mr Surfacer to see the many imperfections including a couple of finger prints. I still haven't glued the bottom to the fuselage. As there are gaps especially were the bottom fuselage comes to the nose section.


There are several places this kit is lacking however the intent is to actually finish it.






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45 minutes ago, phantom said:

Hey! It looks like a Phantom to me! 


When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail!  🙂

You’ll be pleased to know that I thought of you, Shawn, when Emvar’s kit started to look like a Phantom.


Overall looking good!


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Keep working on it.  The Monogram F-4C makes a fine looking Phantom.  I used the same boxing as yours to arrive at this.  



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Went to the outside bench today to putty. Coming along. Fuselage is a bit warped about .5mm leaving me to figure out a way to align the bottom to the fuselage. Pretty big gap between the nose and underbelly where they should meet.


Might try to build a jig.......who is kidding who build a jig. But I do have some other tools to use.


Been off for a bit working on my health full time, so the updates will be sparse.


Thanks for watching!






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