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Flying Leathernecks FL32-2008 ATARS Conversion for Academy F/A-18D

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Test print number 5 in progress. Changes made to the aft end so it fits without having to modify the kit nose landing gear well forward bulkhead.
This test is to check that fit, the depth of the panel lines and to make sure the kit pitot tubes fit in the slots provided. If all goes well, there are only a few more surface details to add, namely the fasteners/screw heads/rivets. After those are added, the camera/sensor details will be added in the forward well.
The forward 'glass' piece will be printed in clear resin with a very light blue tint. New forward nose gear doors with the fairings will also be included, as well as the blank off plate for the gun gas vent.
Plan is to have this released first week of April. New decals for ATARS Deltas will follow within the next few months also. 





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3 hours ago, Fiddler said:

Wow, looking good.


Is there any chance there will be a set in 1/72nd scale?


Probably not, but that could change in the future. Sorry, but the sales (or lack thereof) of my existing 1/72 sets simply don't justify doing this in that scale at this time.

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PRE-ORDER Link is now open for FL32-2008 F/A-18D ATARS Conversion.


** Please Note this product will not ship until 15 April**


** Any other items ordered with this set will ship on the 15th as well, so be sure you're prepared to wait for those before adding them to your cart.


** Due to the unique use of this conversion, as well as the fact its target kit is currently out of production, the Pre-Order is being used to determine the initial production run total.


** Some parts are not shown as they are still being designed. However, full production of all parts will be established by the 10th and all orders placed by the 14th will ship on the 15th of April.





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  • Dave Roof changed the title to Flying Leathernecks FL32-2008 ATARS Conversion for Academy F/A-18D * Pre-Order link opened
  • Dave Roof changed the title to Flying Leathernecks FL32-2008 ATARS Conversion for Academy F/A-18D

The ATARS Conversion, set FL32-2008 is now complete and in full production. As noted previously, this was intended to begin shipping on the 15th as we were experiencing some design issues. However, these were resolved much faster than anticipated and the sets will start going out within the next few days as all that's left is to finish the instruction sheet and pack the parts. 


With the exception of the pitot tubes and clear window, all parts come removed from the supports, so all that is left to do is a little clean up of the edges to remove any remnants of supports.


It was decided to leave the supports on the clear part to make it easier for you to apply a clear gloss coat (the supports act as a stand while the part dries). Once dry, it very easily snaps off. Supports were left on the pitot tubes simply because they were the most time consuming to remove, sorry. Fine sprue cutters easily remove them from the part. 





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