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F-16 Group Build questions

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G'day all,


It has been a little while since I havebeen on here. It looks like there is a current F-16 Group Build (GB) underway.

I have some questions:


1. Why is this not in the dedicated GB sub-forum?

2. What are the GBrules and dates?

3. Can I join in?





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Question 1  The person in charge of the website (owner) has faced hard times during the pandemic and has not been able to put time into the website like assigning group builds.  The current moderators do not have the ability to assign group builds.  Until such time as the owner is able to put some time into the website it will run like this.


Question 2  The build runs for a year, started in February or March 2022 (can't remember).  Anything F-16 related is acceptable.  One person is doing an F16 1/12 cockpit.  Unfortunately all the builds are scattered around in the Progress forum.


Question 3  Yes start gluing that F-16 now.  Just preface your topic with (2022 F-16 Group Build) to make it easier to find


Geoff M


Edited by Geoff M
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