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Hi all,


With my Academy F-111F Lakenheath Vark nearing the end of the build, my brother asked me to finish his Super Sabre.


He had proceeded quite far already, and brush painted this bird. 

As it was on the bench for several years, I will clean it from dust, give it a gloss coat first to protect the decals and then start the moderate panel line wash.


Let’s get this beauty finished.








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Did some work on the landing gear (not a tail sitter!) and installed the refueling probe: this one needs some bending when warm, to form it on the correct height and direction.


kit goes pretty straight forward, not too much amending so that it keeps the work of my brother.

some nice metal etched details to add near end.






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Going towards the finish line with adding some details that were missing:

- UHF comm antenna top fuselage scratch built

- static dischargers on both wingtips and tail

- RHAW antenna just after speed brake scratch built







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