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T-39 Sabreliners?

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That’s good to hear. There is a lot of possible scheme inspiration with the various RVHP boxings. 
And I personally like this one here although this particular aircraft was lost in an accident:





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I have fond memories of my day with a T-39. The FAA was flight checking one of our TACAN's, I was lucky enough to get a ride with them while they did orbit checks, we landed so they can park over the TACAN ground check point (DME) to take a reading, it was pretty close to the edge of the runway, as they did a hard turn to get the antenna over the point they got a main wheel off into the soft soil at the runway edge. This is where I hopped out from my ride anyways, my coworker was standing by on the nearest taxiway with the truck to snag me. As I was walking away, the T-39 pilot decided he had enough of the stuck main wheel and nailed the throttle, looked like a farmers manure spreader doing it's thing, grass and mud flying everywhere from the engine thrust! He got unstuck and the flight check finished without further incident. The FAA retired the T-39 shortly after that and replaced it with King Airs, was the end of an era!


This particular FAA T-39 was Blue and White.

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NAS Pensacola VT-86 T-39's need to be part of the mix.  Every Naval Flight Officer that tracked Jets/E-2's in the late 80's to the early 2000's flew these in the training track.  Lots of good (and some bad) memories of cross countries, low level navigation, and some pretty boring racetrack overwater surface search flights.  She was a safe and smooth aircraft (even on those hot Summer days at 500ft).




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