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1/48 Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 - Pegasus 11-61 Livery

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Here’s some pics of my recently completed Harrier GR.5 in the Pegasus 11-61 (up-powered engine) livery – decals by Vingtor.  To add some interest I integrated the GR.7 engine from Blackdog with my premise being that the engine as trialed in the GR.5 before being used in the GR.7.  The engine is a pretty good drop in fit and while I was worried about how to paint it the process went pretty easily with a fine paint brush.


Also used an Aires MB 12 ejection seat, some PE from a GR.7 upgrade set (Eduard) and Metallic Details detailing set for wheels and cockpit.  Also used the weighted wheels from Armory (except the outriggers because I dropped onw and ran over it with my chair wheel to pancake it!) and the Eduard Mk.7/9 exhaust nozzles.


I realized later the pics were taken without the ventral antenna added – this has since been remedied!




















It’s nice to have a colorful Harrier in the collection now.



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