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1:72 S-3A/B Viking weapons bay

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I was hoping somebody would be able to help me with the weapons bay of the Viking. I was wondering what weapons would have been loaded into it?

I know the ESCI or Italeri kit in 48th scale has the weapons bay loaded with some kind of torpedos, but I cant seem to find any in 72nd scale so I was hoping there was another item that could be loaded into the bay.



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3 hours ago, habu2 said:

Which 1/72 kit are you building?  IIRC the Airfix kit included the weapons bay with 4x torpedos. 

Ill be building the Hasegawa kit with an after market weapons bay.


I built one many many years ago and remember it was quite nice but no detail beyond the external shape. I think it had the MAD boom, and maybe the turret under the cockpit as an option and the crew steps.


The torpedoes would be nice but I dont know of any currently available.

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The Viking was capable of carrying a lot of things, all depends on what varient S-3A or B and, time frame your looking to build and, if she's still a ASW bird or post ASW configuration.


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All S-3Bs were converted from S-3As. You need to confirm the timeframe and/or confirm with period photographs. 

Digging deeper the A>B conversion started in ‘87, very late in the Forrestal’s career so the odds are good only the A model deployed on the “Forest Fire”

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Yeah I think Im looking to make an earlier one in the high vis colours because it looks nicer and Ive got a low vis in 48th scale.

So could I use those torpedoes from Hannants for that?


If so, there are 4 hard points provided in the update set, would all four have been loaded?


The kit also provides what looks like Mk82 bombs, but I think they are supposed to be sea mines. But Im not to sure about that.

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