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1/48 scale Kinetic EA-6B Prowler

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Hi all,

      This is my first post on the forum, haven’t made an aircraft for a long while now, at least a couple of years, so this is a nice break from painting figures.

   Here is my finished Kinetic EA-6B Prowler, loved making it, the only sticking point I have is the two part canopies, why can they not be moulded as one piece











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Just add more details
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Nice job sir, especially when coming from figures. The A-6/EA-6B family of model aircraft are said to be rather difficult builds so you did exceptionally well. Most manufacturers, with perhaps the exception of the HB A-6, suffer from either incorrect shape or fit issues on these airplanes.


If I remember correctly, Kinetic designed the canopies in 2-pieces to try and get the shape correct. However, most people believe that decision turned out to be a horrible idea.

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I was taking some boxes out of my attic and in one of them I found a Monogram Prowler that I bought some "ages" ago!!! Man, this kit is huge!!!


By the way, great job Malcolm.👍

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