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Has anyone here brought from HQ Hobbies?

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Hi guys! 


I recently placed an order with mustang hobbies on the back of a thread I found on here, stoked to find my experience has been similar and Jim was really good to deal with. 

While browsing the net I come across HQ hobbies who have some kits I haven’t seen in many places for sale which makes me dubious, I found a site a while back “internet hobbies” who claim to have a bunch of rare OOP kits in stock and when I read about them there was a heap of negative press on the subject and it didn’t take long to figure they likely didn’t have the kits in stock despite advertising they do and to avoid at all costs, heaps of people losing money or taking months to get their money back


Now this leads to me to question HQ hobbies, I’m from New Zealand so the postage is steep but here we can’t get much locally at all so everything has to come from overseas and you fellas in the States are spoilt for choice compared to us down here in the bottom end of the Pacific. I was just wondering if anyone here has dealt with them? Feedback on your experience highly appreciated , always feel so much more confident placing an order 1000s of miles away with some “local knowledge” . Any other OOP kit sites or rarer to find sites please feel free to mention !


Cheers heaps guys!



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I gave them a shot once, apparently had the kits I wanted in-stock, when I went thru all the azz pain of checking out, it was rejected because requested items were not in-stock. That was my one and only experience with them, I just stick to online shops with good track records, don't care how much more the kits cost as long as I don't get skunked on the order.

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