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I have a hankoring to build a P-51D (Lou IV) n 1//48 scale. So please  help with the  following questions.


#1 Which kit would you start with one that gives the most bang for the buck.


#2 I know the tail is different are there any other changes to the fuselage.


#3 Finally has it ever been determined the upper paint color..

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I am attaching an article written by noted aircraft historian Dana Bell specifically about that plane and the color.  LINK  hth.


Geoff M

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I've looked at this over the years  and looking at the link above my own interpretation is that the blue hue is partly from sky reflection. If you look at the Ferocious Frankie pic you can also see the remnants of the black stripes above the fuse Star/n/bar. So another probable source of the difference in finish is the "scrubbing off" of the invasion stripes and the remnants of the old olive drab that was under the stripes, add in weathering to OD before stripes painted and after they were removed. And the scrubbing effect on the finish. 

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