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Backdating the 1/144 Academy B-1B

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With Caracal 144025 coming soon, I've been thinking about what's involved with backdating the Academy B-1B to the SAC era.  Here's what I've got so far:


- Omit targeting pod & fill opening

- Omit towed decoy fairings and fill openings

- Remove ALQ-161 DAS fairing from underside of aft fuselage, add original blade-type antennas

- Replace late exhausts with original turkey-feather exhausts (any options yet?  Didn't see any on Scalemates)

- Nuc mission loadout: use kit bay tank, SRAMs from Crown/Minicraft B-52H...any 1/144 B61s or B83s out there?  Would need to come up with rotary launchers.


Not sure about the antennas on the upper fuselage; I'm thinking the round flush-type ones may need to go, but more research is needed.




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That sounds about right Chris. I haven't seen any turkey-feather exhausts out their yet, but I'm sure they will come along.


When I was making my Georgia ANG Bone I didn't realize until I was to the point of decaling that this plane didn't have the towed decoys or ALQ-161, so I had to do some late surgery. Pretty sad considering I had photos of the plane in front of me!




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I test fit the SRAMs from the Crown/Minicraft B-52 in the Academy aft weapons bay, and they are too long to fit.


After comparing the Minicraft SRAMs to some photos of the actual missiles, it appears the length is based on the optional tail fairing, which was apparently used for external carriage on the FB-111 & B-52.


So, trimming down the section aft of the fins should do the trick!



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