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Howdy, what is currently the best 1/72 SU-25 available?

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I suppose I would rank the Art Model Su-25 family, as the nicest. Can't tell if they're accurate, but they surelly look so. I keep regretting not buying one. Looks a bit like a short run.

There is also:

Zvezda Su-25 that I feel has botched windscreen, and that in turn makes the whole nose look weird. Other than that I don't see much problem with it. Shares a lot of parts with the Su-39 kit. I got one and hope to build it someday. Recessed panel lines, a bit wide.

Old KP kit, with raised panel lines, according to some, the absolute best place to start a Su-25. I also have one, and built a few as a kid. I kind of remember crude parts and gaps. But that was quite a long time ago.

There is also a Kangnam kit, reboxed at some point by Revell. I had one, it went well, but somehow felt a bit off. Again, the clear parts look weird. Too small or something.


I suppose I'd recommend the Art Model kit. The rest in afforementioned order.

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I have an Art Model Su-25UB kit, but have not started it. It looks much better in the box than the Zvezda kit, or any other Su-25 in 1/72 for that matter.


From what I have read, it has all the hallmarks of a short run kit, with some work required to fit and fill the parts. If you put in the work, a very nice build can result.


ClearProp! has announced a Su-25UBK and Su-25 in 1/72 as a future release and there are some CAD drawings out there. The company has a good reputation, and whenever it does come out I'll probably pick a couple up. I do expect that it will be very expensive though.




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