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Hello all,


I am looking for a set of wires of different diameters, soft easily bendable to detail the plumbing of the 1/48 Eduard Mustang engine. Please recommend me a source. I eagerly await your expert replies. Thank YOU! Dai 

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Take a look at crafting wire. It comes in different colors as well as various gauges. From 10 gauge which is 2.5mm, down to 34 gauge which is .16mm. 

Take care,


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I use solder. It comes in sizes down to 0.010". It is very easy to bend and CA does a good job of securing it. I have about a dozen sizes from 0.010 to .125. A single spool will last a very long time, I had some spools for 20 years and there is still plenty of it left.

I also use armature wire. I have some all the way down to 0.002", it is thinner than a human hair. I use 0.004" armature wire for 1/48 antenna wires.

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I agree 100% with the solder!  It's great stuff, beds SUPER easy and maintains the shape, and comes inn all those different sizes.  Personally, I don't think there is a better option for wires or cables for scale models.

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