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KY National Guard UH-60 project

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Well, I've been working on a 1/48th Academy UH-60A kit for about 3 months now (off and on). Trying to do a diorama of the UH-60 that I crewed in the National Guard, 78-22961. I'm setting the diorama up as my Black Hawk getting ready to do a Bambi Bucket mission. It will be sitting in a field with the Bambi Bucket attached and laying off to the side of the aircraft. I plan on doing a pond on the edge of the diorama, since ponds were where we found most of our water for fire fighting missions, usually some farmer's cattle pond. It's been difficult trying to get this Academy model as close to right as possible. A bunch of scratch-building going on. I'm going to have all the nav lights and the anti-collision lights working on it. Everything should look as if the APU is on, prior to engine start. I have flasher bright white nano LED's for the anti-collisions, nano LED's for the left and right red and green nav lights, and a pico LED warm white for the tail nav light. It's going to be serious fun (dripping with sarcasm) to wire all this together prior to gluing the two halves to each other. Also, I had to scratch-build a Bambi Bucket. That took forever and a day to figure out. It's not a perfect match, but I was happy with it.


I've been out of fine scale modeling for around 10 years, life got in the way. But now I'm starting back into it, and man, has things changed a lot. Never used to think of lighting a model up like you can now, or the use of 3D printers to create near realistic items (take a look at the crewmembers I got from ReedOak!). Also, it's been hella expensive getting back into this hobby, I want all the new stuff that's out, and every PE or update kit I can find for what I'm working on. Wife's not particularly happy about that part of it, lol.


I'll try to keep this updated. This is going to be a slow project.IMG_0648.thumb.JPG.504399ef09c0a5c35fc0851f3aa74d46.JPG









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Cool project!! 
I literally just saw this in action about 6 weeks ago. We had a fire outside of Pigeon Forge and our local Tn NG Blackhawks were doing tanker ops. Saw and photographed them running the buckets. 
Looking forward to seeing your results. 



UH-60L 91-26325 KTYS 01042022 C2@0.25x.jpg

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Great start on the hawk so far!

Are you with the 238th Med or the Assault?

I've got a buddy who's a crew chief over in the 238th there in FFT.




I was in the Ky NG working on hawks back in the late 80's early 90's.

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1 hour ago, KYCrewdog said:

What's your name Hawkwrench? This is Lat Adkins. I left the KY Guard in 1989 and went active Air Force.

Tim Hudson.

You oughta try and snag a Kitty Hawk 1/35 MH-60L or HH-60G kit. Their sweet!!!

What was your MOS in the AF?



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2A773 Aircraft Structural Repair Technician. I tried to go MH-60G flight engineer, but my AFSC (MOS) was not a feeder into the flight engineer career field at the time. Did almost 13 years AD, before incurring a back injury, and getting medically separated. 

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Been a while since I posted anything, and the project is coming along very slowly. I finally managed to get most of my scratchbuilding done on the cabin and cockpit. Got the pilots painted still working on the crew chief. Not happy with the crew chief seats, so still need a little work on them. Those ResKit rotor heads and transmissions are a real bad girl to assemble! Especially 1/48 scale. I got all the lights connected and powered up, only to find out that the battery pack I was using wouldn't power both steady and blinking lights. But that is an easy fix. Won't be working on it for about a month. I had my left eye retina detach, and am going to need surgery very soon (like within the next couple of days soon). Be down about a month while that heals.






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