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On 7/17/2022 at 9:51 AM, Nebbor said:

And found this on the internet:



"Both the leading edge and trailing edge flaps are operated with the electric actuators. So there is no creepage of the flaps after engine shut-off. The leading edge flaps have lock system to lock them in the up position.
The speed brakes are hydraulically operated and they may extend if the engine is shut-off when the speed brake switch is left in NEUTRAL position.

In the normal landing procedures, the pilot is instructed to set the speed brake switch at IN and the wing flap lever to TAKE-OFF after landing, then set the wing flap lever to UP before shutting the engine off.

Therefore, in normal condition the flaps and speed brake are in the up position when the aircraft is parked."


So if procedures were followed slats and flaps should be in the up position. Judging by the numerous pictures with flaps and slats down, procedures were not always followed 🙂.

Thanks for the valuable feedback Nebbor and apologies for not answering earlier, I missed your post. Your last comment I certainly agree with - many pictures show the leading and traing edge flaps semi extended.

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30 minutes ago, Hajo L. said:

Just for the giggles: I finished my 1/72 Marineflieger Starfighter, using a lot of references that were posted her. So, thank you, guys!




It´s the Revell-kit, and I added Eduards Kormoran-ASMs and decals from a Hasegawa-kit.






This one will add to my collection that I present in my office cabinet.




The ordnance kind of disturbs the slick lines of the "manned rocket", but I do fancy aircraft with weapons!




And the chaff-launchers that were discussed here:








Looking good Hajo - you've got the elusive grey topside down well!


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