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Bo-105 "Swooper" in 1:72 by Airfix

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I want to contribute something again here - sorry, at the moment I usually post stuff on my german forum and continue modelling before going the extra mile to translate my reports...




Well, I got hold of the old, but in my eyes still excellent kit of the Bo-105 by Airfix. I think this particular kit was released in 1978 and I think it´s still better than the new release by Amodel.


As you can see, I cut out the passenger doors - this is necessary to create a "Swooper"-version, which is a special variant that was used a short time to support the KSK, the Kommando Spezialkräfte, our German Army-commando unit, comparable to maybe the US Army Delta Force.




So the role of this Bo-105 would be basically the same as the MH-6 Little Bird. The construction to this point went straight forward, with the only addition to the kit beeing a second pilot figure.




Now some modifications come into play. Most visible the planks to the sides, like on the Little Bird. They were used (were they really? I never saw pictures of the Bo in the air with actually carrying operators on that plank!) to have soldiers ride into battle and quickly dismount.


Also I added the main base for the HOT-sight above the port-side of the cockpit. This was the sight previously used by the Anti-Tank-system of the Bo-105 PAH (Panzerabwehrhubschrauber - Anti-Tank-Helicopter), and the actual targetting unit was removed for the Swooper. I used a kit part from the 1:87 Bo-105 by Roco, and the thing looks quite good even though it´s intended to be much smaller scale-wise.




I had no pictures of the underside and therefor used some artistic licence here. Pylons are again something from my ever-lasting Roco spare-box, this time coming from the ancient Bell UH-1D-kit.




The Heeresflieger (Army Aviation) camoflage of the Bo-105 is one of my favorite: Simple, but clean and effective! Just love it!




Another dominant feature of the Swooper-versions, whcih were the last Bo-105s operational in german service, was an added air-particel filter in front of the engine intake. A friend of mine once did a template for it´s shape and send it to me.




I printed it on paper and soaked it with super glue to give the paper more stability.




It looked good until I tried to add a mesh, using the material of a tea-bag. The paper-form began to warp heavily (apparently I`d better soaked the backside with super glue as well), and I decided to transfer to plastic card instead.




Looked good as well, I´d say! Also visible: The decals that I already applied. I used some aftermarket decals for the Iron Crosses, but had to rely on the original kit-decals for the registry. Well, over 40 years old and still working like a charm - that´s quality!




And here we have the mesh installed and painted with gun-metal. I´m quite happy with the result!






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Thank you very much, LD!


I will finish it soon, since some parts I needed finally arrived. Just need to finish my current project.




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