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My Two Phat Greek Scooters: Far Diorama

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Years ago, I started a “Family model” (two-seater) Scooter project. Got halfway through it then life showed up. And not in a good way. Lost my job, apartment and had to move out of state. Along with my passion to build eroded to nothing. Fortunately, after some time things changed for the better and it was time to get back to my scooter build. And like my life, my build idea changed too. It was going to be based on a theoretical Royal Australia Air Force Scheme from Richard Chafer, but now she will be flying for the Hellenic Air Force. And because I enjoy building in pairs, I added another scooter to this project. An A-4M, she’s the “Single Girl”. Flown by Natasha Drakos callsign “Chiana”. “Family model” is flown by Zander “Boomer” Leos.


To see more of my two girls, Look here

Take care,

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2 hours ago, SakisG said:

They look beautiful, both of them! How did you decided to turnr them into Greek Scooters...?

Being a What-if” builder, that was easy. 

Thanks for looking,


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I do like these 2, especially the diorama pics in your link. They both work and suit their Greek camo, though I'm not sure about the 2 gun pods but hey it's a whif, so anything goes. On a sideways note this could have beome an "if", Greece was offered a proposal to buy A-4's but it wasn't to be.




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