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Thanks for the reply but since I’m gonna be doing this in SEA scheme would the wings and everything be painted white? And another question…. How do these parts go together?? Sorry for all the questions but like i said this is my first jet… i don’t even know the terminology!!


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For a SEA scheme the underside would be a light gray, here is the paint scheme for the SEA;




And here's a pic of an A-7 in the SEA scheme;




As for the canopy frame, I can't remember how it goes together, the last time I built that kit was in 1988, you'll have to check the instructions. 🙂

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13 hours ago, thefngreek said:

Couple questions… Is the landing gear white? Along with with bays? And are they under wings painted white or light ghost grey?


G'day FNG,


Yes the u/c is white, same for the NWW and MWW. The avionics bays are generally a zinc chromate yellow/green with grey or black avionic boxes.


For the HAF SEA scheme, the standard colours are FS34079, 34102 (dark/light green), FS30219 (tan) and the underside colour is actually FS36622 which is a very light grey. On the HAF aircraft it can become very dirty and in some pictures it can look nearly white but it is actually a grey.


The LGG you suggested is incorrect as it is actually FS36375 which is too dark and too blue.


As for the canopy part E13, it is a little hard to explain but it sits on top of the inner canopy frame (part A7) right at the back but it does not sit underneath the rear arch, it should sit in front of it. It looks like you have managed to warp the E13 part a little from the pics supplied as it should be symmetrical. If you place the part into some warm (not boiling!) water for about 30 secs you should be able to gently re-shape it without breaking the part.






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