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1/144 Airbus A330-200 Voyager KC.2/3 & KC-30 Tanker Conversions

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Hamilton Hobbies in Sydney did a set about 10 years ago, it was for the KC-30 and then it was updated to in Voyager parts ( at least the one I have does). Long OOP and not shake and bake. I started mine ages ago and am still trying to motivate to finish it.



Initial release boom and drogues on the right, updated on the left









PM inbound

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Wow! Terrific motivation Brother Ray! What did you use for the base kit: Revell A330-300 or Revell A340-300?  I assume the Zvezda A330 hadn't been released yet?  You still had to cut it down to a-200, correct?

Keep calm & carry on! 😎



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I used a the Revell A330-300, the Aer Lingus/ boxing with GE engines. I cut it down and added the resin vertical stab.


Zvezda? I thought Eastern Express are doing the A330-200? Cutting down the Revell kit is a lot cheaper option I think.

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