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Barksdale AFB KC-135s 1992-1994, in 1/144

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edit: After completing a third Barksdale KC-135Q model, I thought I'd consolidate the threads rather than start another!



Lots of transition for the USAF in the 1990s; the combination of BRAC, MAJCOM reorganization, and the post-Cold War drawdown led to some unique and short-lived paint and marking combinations.  In June 1992, the 2d Wing at Barksdale was reassigned from SAC to Air Combat Command, and the Wing's aircraft received ACC-style unit markings.  For the KC-135s of the 71st Air Refueling Squadron, these markings were fairly short-lived, as the squadron was reassigned to Air Mobility Command in October 1993 before being inactivated in April 1994.  


Meanwhile, the Stratotanker fleet was in the midst of paint scheme transitions, and tankers in all three paint schemes (ADC gray, Shamu, and AMC gray) were on Barksdale's ramp during this time.  The ADC gray jets were becoming scarce by 1992, and I've only seen photos of two ADC gray KC-135s wearing Air Combat Command markings, one at Dyess, and the other at Barksdale, which is the subject I chose for this project, KC-135Q 59-1512.


Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, custom, and Caracal 144004.  Minicraft -135 kits need a lot of nose weight; it's a good thing a tail stand was included as I underestimated how much weight would be needed!












And just for fun, with a fellow 71st jet that I finished about 2 years ago:






Thanks for looking-




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I appreciate your kind comments, thank you!


The next model in the Barksdale KC-135 collection is on short final, just needs a flat coat and final details. I will  post pictures soon, using for the first time the new lights I bought for photography!




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