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1/72 stores for Skyraider 52673 of 4407 CCTS, 1 SOW

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Hi all,

A friend has gifted me the Revell boxing of the classic 1/72 AD-5/A-1E Skyraider and I'd like to model 52673 as included in the instructions (the same aircraft is an option in the Matchbiox 1/48 kit).


In the Detail and Scale book it's stated none of the drop tanks are correct, so what do I need to a) replace the kit parts and 2) equip it for a mission? I'd like to use at least some of those chunky, moulded-on pylons!


Thanks in advance!

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If you're doing a Sandy SAR mission, the Hasegawa A-1H kit has what you're looking for; the 150gal centerline tank and 2 finned 300 gal tanks, plus cluster bomb dispensers. They're pretty accurate. The Hase Skyraider is kind of hard to find nowaday. Maybe posting on the classified forum might help. 

All's left to complete the load out is some LAU rocket pods and Mk bombs. The Academy A-37 Dragonfly has all of those, or the Hasegawa weapon sets 1. Also, Quickboost did a complete pylons sets, should you need to upgrade those from the Monogram kit.

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Freightdog did three sets of Douglas A-4 Skyhawk tanks, two of which could be used on the Skyraider, the 150 and 300 gal finned tanks. Look for 72024 & 72026, both available from Hannants.co.uk for between NZD$10-11.  Rocket pods, bombs, napalm could be had from the various Hasegawa 1:72 Weapons sets.

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