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Slightly Dulling a Gloss or making a Semi-Gloss Glossier help.

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Hello People

Quick, dumb question
Gloss, semi Gloss, satin, flat. Etc. I’m building the Texas Kingsville NAS T-45. According to my reference, the plane is Glossy. Just enough to reflect itself - engines on fuselage and stuff. Plus a dark blue color and red both reflect better than white. 

Anyway, I build mostly civilian airplanes - which are a bit glossier, and Formula 1 which are super glossy. My question is:
If the glossy scale is Formula 1 and Muscle cars are a 10, factory Civilian Aircraft are around 8, Semi Gloss (Tamiya) being a 5, and Flat Dullcoat being 0, How would you archieve a 7 ballpark?? As in a glossier semi gloss or a duller gloss??

I’m open to any brand (preferrably not acrilics) and mixtures to archieve this.


Take Care

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I think just add a touch of clear flat to some gloss until you get the sheen you’re looking for. Test spray on some plastic spoons or an old model.



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