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LF & WTB Several 1:350 Starfighter Decals for CVW-8 aboard the USS Nimitz in 1980 during Operation Eagle Claw

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For my side project “USS Nimitz-Operation Eagle Claw 1980”, I'm looking for the appropriate 1:350 scale Carrier Air Wing decals from Starfighter decals.
Some of these decal sets are still available online, but the following three sets I've been unable to locate.
- 350-115-S VAQ-134 Garudas 1980 (need 1)
- 350-109-S CVW-8 Recce units RVAH-6 & 9 VFP-63 (need 2 for 3 RF-8's)
- 350-111-S HS-9 Sea Griffins CVW-8 1980 (need 1)
I've already contacted Mark from Starfighter Decals directly, but he told me they were out of stock and doesn't know when or even if they will ever be reprinted.
Does anybody have one or more of these decal sheets in his/her stash, is not going to use these and is willing to sell these to me?
Or does anybody know where I might still find these for sale?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Another idea: Does anybody have these decals and would be willing to make a high resolution scan for me so I could print these myself?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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After communicating with Mark from Starfighter Decals, he informed me today that "350-115 VAQ-134 Garudas 1980" and "350-111 HS-9 Sea Griffins CVW-8 1980" were reprinted and available for purchase again.

Five minutes after reading this message they were ordered!


He also told me that 350-109 CVW-8 Recce units RVAH-6 & 9 VFP-63 would also be reprinted shortly, so I will be sorted soon.


Mark Tutton is truly a lifesaver for me and my project. 🙂

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